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Healing Begins Here

Welcome New Patients!

First off, thank you for considering a partnership with Dr. Victoria as you seek out your family’s wellness provider!

Whether you are brand new to chiropractic care or have worked with several different chiropractors in the past, you’ll soon discover that a visit with Dr. Victoria is not your typical chiropractic experience.

Every single aspect of care is focused on the nervous system and promoting what’s called neuroplasticity.  To simplify that big, nerdy word – it means ensuring that the body’s most important system is able to heal, rest, relax, grow, and adapt.

These five points are essential to everyone. From a newborn baby who’s supposed to be asleep more than awake, to kids and parents who need every bit of rest, recharging and resilience they can get in this crazy world- the solution to healing and adaptation is here!

As you’ll see with her unique 5-Step Clinical Process, everything starts with Dr Victoria taking the time to truly listen to your concerns, work together to set goals for your care, and dive deep with the most modern technology in the world that allows us to truly assess exactly where the nervous system is stressed, stuck (subluxated), exhausted, and not functioning properly.


This is why Dr. Victoria is devoted to ensuring that education and empowerment are at the heart of her chiropractic practice, and that patients have plenty of time to ask questions so they understand exactly how they can take back control of their own health and the health of their beautiful families.

“Where many had failed, Dr. Victoria succeeded with my overall wellness. I am grateful for her.”

Will E.

The 5-Step Clinical Process

  • Scheduling a Consultation & New Patient Paperwork
    First, you will need to Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Victoria. ​ Once you have scheduled your consultation, you’ll receive a bit of paperless “paperwork”- no need to print anything off. This New Patient paperwork will be emailed to you once your new patient account has been created. Dr. Victoria will spend time reviewing your information prior to your appointment, this way she already knows a lot about you and your child individually by the time you arrive! ​ Right away you’ll notice a big difference from traditional doctors, as Dr Victoria dives deep into you or your child’s case history unlike any other professional out there, really listening and taking the time to find the root causes of your health challenges. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss in detail with Dr. Victoria regarding your health goals and how to execute them! Many parents report that already after this first step in our clinical process they feel excited and confident about care, because it’s the first time they’ve actually felt heard and found answers as to why their child is struggling in the first place.
  • Health History & Insight Scans
    In the office, you’ll discuss you or your child’s health history and present health concerns with Dr. Victoria. In addition to listening to your health concerns, Dr. Victoria will run a few scans too. ​ STEP TWO is diving deep into the function of you and your child’s central nervous system, using incredible technology called INSiGHT Scans. These scans (3) measure and quantify how much stress and tension may be stuck in your child’s autonomic nervous system. These scans are non-invasive and very gentle--they can even be run on babies, which Dr. Victoria does often! Why are these scan essential? The 3 main things these scan are designed to find are: subluxation, dysautonomia, and Vagus nerve dysfunction. These terms mean that the body is stressed out, worn out, and having a dysfunctional nervous system. Pediatric chiropractors all over the US are helping families heal with this advanced technology! What about x-rays? Every once in a while, Dr. Victoria will suggest a patient have x-rays before treatment if there is a suspected injury or issue. This is just an extra level of insight to ensure there are no surprises! If Dr. Victoria believes x-rays will be important for understanding your unique situation, you will be given information to set up an appointment for a local colleague or facility to have the x-rays taken. Something important to note: It’s more than likely that your first visit with Dr. Victoria will not include an adjustment. Why? Because it’s important for Dr. Victoria to review your scans in accompaniment to history and stated concerns before performing any sort of treatment!
  • ​Care Plan
    At your next visit, Dr. Victoria will study your examination results and figure out a customized Care Plan that fits you and your child’s exact needs. This is how the healing results happen! This Neurologically-based care planning system is being used by Pediatric Chiropractors world wide and is a KEY ingredient to the miracles that happen every day in our office! A Deeper Look Into Your Findings This Care Planning System blends together you or your child’s unique case history findings (traumas, toxins, illnesses, etc.) along with our neurological exam and INSiGHT Scan findings, to then be able to tell us exactly what frequency of adjustments and duration of care you need. Everything is fully personalized and customized to each patient. There is no “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” approach like is found in most of health care today.
  • Report of Findings
    On your second visit, you will sit down with Dr. Victoria at what’s called the Report of Findings visit. Here Dr. Victoria will review the INSiGHT Scan and exam findings, along with you or your child’s personalized care plan. While some findings will resonate with patients based on reported pain, it’s likely you’ll also be a bit surprised at what the scans have picked up! You will have time to ask questions and have everything explained so you feel like a true partner in your wellness journey. Once everything is clear, Dr. Victoria will make her suggestion for a care plan of action! This is such an exciting visit for families, as they finally have a clear action plan to get their health and healing back on track!
  • The First Adjustment
    Your child’s adjustments are safe, gentle, and get right to work on relieving tension and stress from your child’s nervous system! While many parents may initially get nervous about starting something new like chiropractic care for their kids and family, they are immediately put at ease when they see how gentle and easy-going things are with neurologically-focused, pediatric chiropractic care from Dr. Victoria! Get ready for lots of laughs, relaxation, better sleep, and some serious healing!
  • Follow-Up & Wellness Care
    Personal and attentive care doesn’t stop after your initial exam. Visits with Dr. Victoria include catching up, checking in on your health goals and of course, a thorough adjustment to address ongoing issues and any other problems that have popped up since the last time you were in. Every couple of months, Dr. Victoria will run these scans again as part of a “re-exam” in order to monitor how your body is responding to treatment!
  • How are we different?
    One thing that sets Dr. Victoria apart from other local offices is that she operates a “micro-office.” She does everything from scheduling to billing. Don’t be surprised when it’s Dr. Victoria herself who answers your call! The office also has a “no wait” policy. Unlike typical practices that have jam-packed waiting rooms and a tendency to run behind, Dr. Victoria schedules patients so that there’s plenty of time for personalized care without feeling rushed out of the office. Dr. Victoria’s warm personality and attentive care sets her apart from the typical “doctor appointment” experience. Her patients look forward to their visits and the reassurance that comes from having a space to ask questions and feel empowered about their health! Whether it’s directly related to chiropractic care or you just need friendly advice, Dr. Victoria is a great resource to have come alongside your wellness journey.

Want to hear from other patients whose lives have been changed?

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