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Karen & Wren

The universe blessed me with Dr. Hannah when I was searching for prenatal chiropractic care during my second pregnancy. The aches of pregnancy, a hypermesis gravidarium diagnoses, and chasing around a four year old I was in desperate need of some relief. The first time I met Hannah, I immediately trusted her and she made me feel at peace in her care. She was able to care for not only the physical needs but the mental and emotional needs of reducing any outside stresses. Her care extended beyond my pregnancy and cared for our sweet Wren when she came into the world. I fully believe that being in Dr. Hannah’s care allowed me to have a beautiful birth story and I will forever be grateful for the way she impacted my life.

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Alli & Baby Sutton

It may sound super corny to say Dr. Victoria changed my life…. But she literally changed my life. As a stylist and salon owner I am constantly on my feet with my body in over extended positions. I started to have terrible back pain almost all the time. I mean terrible… actual tears and painkillers needed. This set me back with clients and in my personal time. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a bit afraid. I talked to Dr. Hannah and she made me feel comfortable and confident getting started on my treatment plan. With consistency my pain went away and I was able to get back to my normal routine. The relief was legit UNREAL. A few months later I found out I was pregnant (yay!). I didn’t even know I could continue going to my appointments but Hannah educated me on all of the benefits for both baby and I to keep this up. The further in my pregnancy the more my body changed and she has helped keep us both comfortable in every single step! In the last trimester now and I’m positive I would not be able to work if I weren’t seeing her for regular adjustments. Plus the labor benefits that we will soon see! Seriously cannot recommend Dr. Victoria more. Aside from her mass amount of education and skills she brings to the table she also is just the most positive and uplifting person you will LOVE building that bond with. Go see her!!!

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Jazmin, Josh & Ariel

Dr Victoria is absolutely amazing at what she does. She makes you feel like family. When my daughter was 6 days old dr. Victoria adjusted her perfectly, my daughter never had sleep issues or digestion issues because she was adjusted so well. My husband and I also see her and it has been an absolute blessing for us.

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Christy & Hayden

Dr Victoria has helped change my sons life and our families lives for the better. We were on our last straw with behavioral problems and aggressive/physical anger. We started bringing Hayden to Dr Victoria in April in of 2022. We have gone from, for lack of a better word, 6-10 episodes or outbursts a month to only a handful since we started. My son has said that he no longer feels his anger boiling up inside like he did before. We are very blessed to have Dr Victoria in our corner.

“Where many had failed, Dr. Victoria succeeded with my overall wellness. I am grateful for her.”


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I had been in a tragic car accident losing my father and leaving myself hospitalized for a month. Recovery and regaining strength became so important to me but I knew I needed to follow a different path for care after reaching a plateau in my condition. Thats when I found Dr. Victoria; even after my FIRST adjustment I had almost unbelievable results. My right knee had been completely numb the months following my accident but after my morning appointment with Dr. Victoria that evening I noticed tingling in my knee; then next day I realized i had true sensation across my entire kneecap again. I sat and sobbed so thankful Dr Victoria came into my healing journey. Since then she has made a dramatic difference in my health and wellness, and not to mention working with my trauma as well. This is someone you can trust with your pain, she is a healer.

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When I started seeing Dr. Victoria, I was having spasms in my mid back and shoulders blades, at times shooting pain from my lower back down my legs, and constant plantar fasciitis that had been bothering me for years. As a mom of two active boys, I didn't have the time to be down with pain, so when I went in t o see her it was because I just didn't know what else to do. Within a few visits the spasms had lessened to a dull ache that only acted up when I overdid it. my plantar fasciitis that i had experienced for YEARS was practically gone. Pain was fading from my memory. Now with guidance and maintenance care from Dr. Victoria, I have learned my body's signs to head off the back and feet pain, so they rarely interrupt my life. This means I am able to be at ALL my kids' events, and show up fully present like the mom I want to be.

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I’ve been a wedding photographer for the past ten years, and after so many long days on my feet toting cameras and equipment around for way too many hours at a time, it’s finally started catching up with me. It reached a point in the last few months where the pain in my lower back was becoming unbearable, to the extent where I was visibly in pain during shoots and weddings! When a friend recommended that I start seeing Dr. Victoria for that chronic pain, I went into it with high hopes but realistic expectations - I was hoping for results that would ease the pain, but I was trying to be realistic in thinking it could potentially not work for me or even my schedule with how busy I am with photography. But right from the start, Dr. Victoria was very intentional about listening to me and learning about my lifestyle and getting to know me, which I feel is what made all the difference in my treatment! She is extremely knowledgeable and always takes the time to check in with me and explain what she is doing and why she’s doing it. It’s so empowering to work with a medical professional who is so passionate about educating me on my body and my treatment! She worked with my schedule to make sure I could see her consistently, and within a few weeks my hip pain is literally gone! It’s such a huge relief knowing that my body will continue to be able to keep up with my workload so that I can keep doing what I love! I’ll be a client for life because of how Dr. Victoria has treated me with such intentionality and care. If you’re on the fence about going - don’t wait any longer! Your body will thank you!

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I have seen Dr. Hannah Victoria for years now for everything from adjustments to muscle work & every time the result is the same...I FEEL AMAZING!!! I highly recommend that you come see her! I am a fellow Chiropractor & can say with certainty that Dr. Hannah's skill & attention to detail makes her more than worthy of being the Chiropractor's Chiropractor. She keeps me feeling great so that I can take care of my own family, friends, & patients. I urge everyone to pay a visit to Health & Vitality Chiropractic so that you too may experience how vibrant life can be!!! Thank you, Dr. Hannah, for always offering nothing less than a 5-star experience each & every visit!

"Dr. Victoria gives excellent full family care. If you’re looking for effective and heartfelt care, I highly recommend Dr. Victoria!"

Dr. Brooke Cline

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I can not say enough about Dr. Victoria. She is so kind, caring, and gentle. Listens to exactly what I am going through, and has great insight into so many different conditions. I feel very comfortable on her table. She really helped me with my back pain, which was making it diffucult for me to work. Dr. Victoria taught me how to take care of myself outside of her office, plus she is also a Neurologist and explains how things work. You have changed my life thank you so much Dr. Victoria.

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