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Meet Dr. Hannah Victoria

Prenatal Chiropractor Tyler TX Health & Vitality Chiropractic Dr. Hannah Victoria

Dr. Hannah Victoria was born in the suburbs of Chicago. Since childhood, she remembers this deep knowing that she was meant to be a community healer. So naturally, after overcoming her own set of health issues through the power of chiropractic.


Dr. Victoria committed her life towards the study of vitalistic health. Through her own journey, she learned about the innate healing of the human body and became passionate about sharing this truth with her community. Before becoming a doctor herself, Dr. Victoria worked with her local chiropractors for over 3 years as a CA until she moved to Texas to begin training at Parker University. There she completed her double Bachelors in Health and Wellness, and Anatomy. And now is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic with a Masters in Neuroscience.

During her clinical internship, Dr. Victoria received additional training in prenatal care, and is Webster certified. She loves working with her community women to empower healthy, natural births as a right that all women possess and should experience.

Dr. Victoria is passionate toward educating and empowering her community with true health and has dedicated her life to become fluent in the often-ignored language of the human body. If you desire to discover true healing, connect deeper, and experience an empathetic practitioner that will listen to your needs while getting to the root of the problem, Dr. Hannah Victoria is the woman for you.

  • Doctor of Chiropractic

  • Masters of Neuroscience

  • Bachelors of Anatomy

  • Bachelors of Health & Wellness

  • Webster Certified

  • Pediatric and Family Chiropractic Certification

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